Dear Family in Christ,

I know many of you often struggle and that these are difficult times. As a truth seeking community, I think it also important that we support each other in our time of challenge. And therefore, we are asking the community if you would consider donating five dollars a month so that we can support those of you that are having difficulty. Those of you that are in need please send your story to CJ Austin at,  and we will try to match you with contributions coming in from the community. (Editor’s note: All of the websites connected with Zen’s work have places for you to contact us. On the Endeavor Freedom page, when you click the PayPal button, you can choose to “make a monthly donation.” Also, under “add special instructions,” you can type in where you would like your donation to go. For this situation, use “Our Community”)    

We would like to post the personal stories and photographs of those of you that are struggling so that people can know who their donations are going directly to. Many of you know and communicate with each other through our group pages. This will more personalize your stories and your struggle and hopefully you will all want to support each other in the manner that we are proposing here. (Editor’s note: Send your story & pictures through the “Contact Us” buttons on one of the websites, or send directly to:


your brother in Christ, 

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